Totally Mobile Mobility Scooters

We offer many different brands and styles of scooters. Our brands are designed for home and more rugged terrains. It's time to enjoy the freedom that comes with your own scooter, having mobility and opportunities to get out of the house to run errands or just getting a breath of fresh air in your yard without the aid of loved ones.

Victory 9 (3 Wheel)

Victory 10 (3-Wheel)

Victory LX Sport –
(4 Wheel)

Zero Turn 10 (ZT10)

Maxima – (3-Wheel)

Go-Go Elite Traveller –
(4 Wheel)

Go-Go Sport – (4-Wheel)

Go-Go LX with CTS Suspension (4-Wheel)

Go-Go ES2 (3-Wheel)

Go Go Ultra X – (3 Wheel)

Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus – (3 Wheel)

Maxima – (4-Wheel)

Wrangler – (4 Wheel)

We service all of our new and used wheelchair products. VA pricing is restricted to their guidelines. See Manufacturer Warranty that is in effect on all products, 1 year warranty on labor for any product. *Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments.